The popular cooking show, Top Cooku Dupe Cooku, witnessed its first elimination this week as actress Sonia Agarwal, a promising contestant, was evicted from the competition.

In the latest episode, Chef Bhat introduced the 'Advantage Task' with a twist: the ‘Nuts Challenge.’ Contestants were required to prepare dishes without the assistance of their designated cooks. Narendra Prasath, having secured the advantage task the previous week, was granted special permission to assist his dupe cooku in the final ten minutes of the challenge.

Despite being a strong contender, Sonia Agarwal faced elimination. In a nail-biting elimination round, Sonia and Sai Dheena, both considered potential title winners by the judges, competed fiercely. Ultimately, Sonia was eliminated.

During the emotional elimination process, Chef Bhat praised Sonia, saying, “You are one of the coolest cooks. Whatever things happen in life, just think positively. All the best for your career and keep laughing. We all will miss you."

Source / Image Credit :Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Instagram Page, Times of India