Have you heard of a shrine for Lord Yaman ? One of the “Saptha Sthana” temples of Thiruvanaikkaval. This is one of the famous “parikara sthalams” for conducting poojas to remove obstacles from marriage proposals and to seek child boon.

Tiruchirappalli, a city steeped in history in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, holds a treasure trove of historic temples and sacred sites. Known for its spiritual significance and architectural allure – the Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar Temple at Thiruppaingneeli, nestled in the Mannachanallur Taluk of Tiruchirappalli, stands as a revered destination for devotees of Lord Shiva.

Significance of Thirupanjali Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar Temple:

Paadal Petra Sthalam: As the 61st Sivalayam among the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalam, Thirupanjali Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar Temple holds a special place, often referred to as 'South Kailash' and 'Melai Chidambaram.' Saiva poet-saints, including Thirugyana Sambandar, Appar Tirunavukkarasar Nayanar, and Sundarar, have glorified this sacred site in their divine compositions.

Swayambhu Murthy: The presiding deity, Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar (Lord Shiva), is a self-manifested deity and is revered under various names, such as Gneelivaneswarar, Paramasambu, Aaraniya Vallaver, Kathali Vasanthar, Eluthariya Peruman, and Sorudiya Eswarar.

Legend of Yamadharma: According to legend, Lord Shiva defeated Yamadharma in Thirukadaiyur to rescue the rishi Markandeya, leading to an imbalance in life and death. To restore order, Yamadharma was reborn at Thirupanjali, fulfilling the prayers of goddesses and divine beings.

Unique Features: The temple boasts the Ravana Vayil tower, a rare shrine for Yamadharma in the form of a child, and a sannadhi for Ravanan. The absence of a separate Navagraha shrine is compensated by considering the nine steps leading to the second temple tower as Navagrahas, as dictated by Ravana.

Divine Presence: Alongside Lord Shiva, the temple houses sannadhis for goddesses Arulmigu Visalakshi Amman and Arulmigu Neela Nedunkann Amman. Devotees seek blessings from the sannadhi of Yamadharma for longevity.

Contributions by Devotees: The temple's primary tower, rajagopuram, was constructed by Pandyan king Sundara Pandyan. However, the tower remains incomplete, adding a unique aspect to the temple's architecture.

There’s no denying that, Thirupanjali Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar Temple stands as a rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tiruchirappalli, drawing pilgrims and devotees from far and wide. This ancient marvel continues to be a sacred sanctuary, preserving the tales of devotion and divine intervention for generations to come.

Source / Image Credit : IndiaTempleTour , Trichy Online, Dinamani