The grand Ashta Bandana Maha Kumbabhishegam Vaibhavam is set to be celebrated in a spectacular manner on Sunday, the 19th of November, from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM at the newly constructed Sri Maha Durgaiyamman Temple, Batu Caves Shrine.

Tan Sri R. Nataraja, President of Sri Maha Mariyamman Temple Devasthanam, has affirmed that meticulous preparations are being carried out in three distinct stages for this significant event. He further revealed that revered priests including Shivsree Velayutham Pattar, along with other distinguished religious figures from our nation, will partake in this Kumbabhishegam. With that being said, the consecration will be conducted under the guidance of Archakar Raja from the Pattiswaran Temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Maha Kumbabishegam - 19.11.2023 Sri Maha Durgai Amman Temple, Batu Caves Selangor © 2023 Published by Maraz TV Digital More on #batucaves #kumbabishegam #tansrinadarajah #thiruvizha #maraztv #visitmalaysia ♬ original sound - Maraz TV Digital

This occasion will witness the offering of alms to approximately 10,000 devotees following the Maheswara rituals. In anticipation of the Kumbabhishegam, the schedule includes the conducting of daily morning and evening pujas on the 15th of November, commencing at 6 PM, alongside the Vasthu Shanti Puja. Subsequently, on Friday, the 17th of November at 9 AM, there will be the construction of the Yagasala, the installation of Vimana Kalasa, and the placement of gold and silver.

For the wider public, there is an opportunity to partake in the original idol's oil-pouring ritual on Saturday, the 18th of November, from 9 AM to midnight.

Source: Maraz Digital / Vanakam Malaysia