Malaysia’s historic Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, established 197 years ago, has been honored with the issuance of a commemorative postage stamp. Founded by K. Thamboosamy Pillai, this revered temple, also known as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple, was originally constructed in 1872 to serve the worship needs of immigrants from the Nagapatnam and Cuddalore districts of South India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, revered for her powers in curing epidemic illnesses and diseases.

The stamp was launched by the late Tun S. Samy Vellu, former President of the Malaysian Indian Congress, to mark the temple’s sixth consecration ceremony. This ceremony, held every 12 years, celebrates the completion of the temple’s renovations and re-energizes its spiritual power. Notably, the temple’s gopuram (gateway) features 242 intricately crafted idols, making it a significant landmark.

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Source / Image Credit : St.Giles Hotels