Curry Leaves, a treasure trove of health benefits, become a luxury asset in our daily lifestyle!

It came to our surprise when there was a stark increase in the price of one of the must-have herbs in local markets and retail traders in Penang.

According to NV Subbarow, the education officer for the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), curry leaves were once given out for free but no longer now as the retailers are selling them between RM12 and RM15 per kilogram.

“Next time when we are about to visit a restaurant, don’t expect curry leaves in our curry or other Indian delicacies due to the price hikes,” said Subbarow in an interview.

In a recent survey, CAP discovered that a handful of curry leaves tied in a rubber band sold for between 50 sen to RM1, said Subbarow.

Even those who are selling coconut milk have stopped giving out curry leaves when customers purchase their coconuts. They claim that it has risen in price to rival gold.

A vegetable vendor from the Barat Day Public Market claimed it had been two weeks since he last received his stock of curry leaves, which are usually supplied by Bangladeshi suppliers.

"Usually, they bring two sacks to the market and distribute them to the vegetable sellers here. We don't have any idea why this has happened. They normally cost RM8 per kilogram in general. I don't sell in vast quantities, only 15 to 18 stalks (per bundle) at 50 sen, he said."

Taking this matter into consideration, to avoid any extra expenses, let's start to plant curry leaves around our house compound, which will help us to control our cost of purchasing vegetables.

Image Credit / Source: The Vibes , Hindustan News Hub