Lord Muruga is widely worshiped by many from all around the world. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is the younger brother of Lord Ganesha.

During His bachelorhood, Lord Muruga was worshiped as Kumaraswami or Kumara Swamy; The Bachelor God. Ancient Purana states that Lord Murugan is married to two deities, Goddess Deivanai and Goddess Valli.

Did you know how and when the union of Lord Murugan and Goddess Deivanai took place? Read more to find out!

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The Union Lord Murugan and Deivanai

According to the Skanda Puranam, Soorapadman was a demon who created havoc on all three worlds. Lord Indra, the King of Heaven received help from all the Gods, however, he told them that only Lord Shiva’s son can save the world from demon Soorapadman.

Lord Murugan appeared to fight the demon in a war that continued for 6 days. Many believe that Lord Murugan was born to save the world from demon Soorapadman. At the end of the war, Lord Murugan threw his weapon at the demon, which when struck split into two and a peacock and a cock appeared out of it.

Henceforth, the peacock was accepted as the official vehicle of the Lord and the cock was given a place in His flag. Lord Murugan, of course, successfully defeated Soorapadman.

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The King of Heaven, as a sign of gratitude then offered his daughter, Deivanai in a hand of marriage to Lord Murugan. The divine marriage took place in Thirupparunkundram, a temple situated on the outskirts of Madurai city in Tamil Nadu. Panguni Uthiram is a festival that is widely celebrated in this temple to signify this auspicious occasion.

Picture Credit: Ishtadevata, Hindu Devotional Blog, Murugan.org, Achieve.org