A perfect birthday treat for Superstar Rajinikanth’s fans!

After TWO decades on the release of Rajinikanth’s ‘Baba’, the film is now gearing up for a new screening again, with a refreshing re-edit & new avatar. With every frame has been digitally enhanced with state-of-the-art color grading, we just can't wait for the announcement of the official release date from the MAN himself.

Director Suresh Krissna ; the prominent filmmaker who directed Superstar Rajinikanth's films such as 'Annamalai', 'Veera', 'Baasha' and ‘Baba’ has revealed the exciting news recently during an exclusive interview with ETimes.

Check out the post below:

The director has also added that the movie will be released on 12th December 2022, in celebration of Thalaivar’s birthday. Indeed, it is a piece of mind-blowing news!

If things go as planned, spectators will be able to watch the film on Thalaivar’s birthday, 12th December 2022.

Though the film was not a super hit for the actor, the film still stands tall and is spoken of as one of the actor’s good works, and that’s why ‘Baba’ stands in between a hit and flop.

Touted to be a spiritual film, the tale centres around an ordinary man who does not believe in religion or God getting a mystical power of using 6 mantras and getting what he needs. Rajinikanth, playing the lead role is taken to the Himalayas to meet ‘Baba’ the sage who then gives him the power to use 6 mantras indefinitely in his daily life with a condition that he has to return to the hills after using all of them. Although the film had an intriguing storyline, fans' expectations were much higher as ‘Baba’ was released after ‘Padaiyappa’.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, everyone and hope the release of 'Baba' will be a one kind of special treat for his birthday.

Image Credit & Source: Laxmi Kanth & Sreedhar Pillai