National mountaineer T. Ravichandran has done it again!

Ravichandran Tharumalingam has made history by becoming the first Malaysian to successfully climb Mount Everest for the fourth time!

However, during his subsequent attempt to conquer Mount Lhotse, which is the fourth-highest peak in the world, he faced difficulties and had to be rushed to the hospital due to frostbite on his fingers. Despite the setback, he managed to fly the Malaysian flag, Jalur Gemilang, and the sponsor's flag of Himalaya Sports on Mount Everest.

In an interview with the Utusan, his wife Leela Ramamurthy said, "Ravi successfully flew the Jalur Gemilang and the sponsor’s flag of Himalaya Sports on the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest at 8,848m on May 17, 12 pm (Nepal time).”

T. Ravichandran's passion for nature and hiking as a teen eventually led him to become a professional mountaineer. His journey began when he decided to hike to Nepal's Everest Base Camp at the age of 35.

Since then, he has been pursuing his passion for mountaineering and has achieved remarkable feats, including multiple successful ascents of Mount Everest. His dedication and love for the mountains have made him a renowned figure in the mountaineering community.

Source: Utusan & Sinar Harian