Success at every port of call!

As the quote denotes by Tan Sri G Gnanalingam - A name that needs no introduction as the self-made billionaire Founder and Executive Chairman of Westports Malaysia, continues to make waves all around the world. He is widely known as the country’s first homegrown marketing guru for steering his company to become Asia’s leading cargo and freight player.

Recently, Tan Sri G was awarded prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for the International Business Review ASEAN Awards 2022. According to IBR Asia Group, the Awards celebrate the corporations, government agencies, and leaders who are the backbone of our economy, whose milestones are the foundation of our regional prosperity, and whose aspirations are in line with the national vision of growth and progress.

The 78 -year-old prominent Malaysian businessman graduated from the University of Malaya in 1968, and secured a job with the Malaysian Tobacco Company, which contributed to his participation in the port industry (currently known as British American Tobacco). A true leader in the logistics industry, Tan Sri Gnanalingam worked his way up to make Westports what it is today, which is among the leaders in the global cargo industry.

It is about staying focused on the task at hand and committed to delivering the customer’s desired results. We share that sense of urgency. – Tan Sri G Gnanalingam

Westports is one of three major port operators in the Strait of Malacca. In 2017, Tan Sri Gnanalingam was named Value Creator: Most Outstanding CEO by the Edge Billion Ringgit Club for his visionary leadership excellence in transforming Westports as Port Klang’s leading terminal operator.

Let’s have a look at his inspiring journey before emerging as a well-known business tycoon.

Being the eldest brother and having three younger brothers who were still in school, he felt it was his duty to support his family now and was considering quitting university to seek a job. Perhaps, at such a young age Gnanalingam desired to complete his studies as he grasped the quality of education.
As he was pondering on how to complete his course and fulfill his familial obligations, he happened upon a crossword competition in a local newspaper that offered an incentive for the winner.

Without thinking further ado, Gnanalingam entered the competition and ended up netting more than RM7,000 prize when he won the competition - a substantial amount of money in those days. He used a part of the money to cover his University fees and the remaining sum as income for his family.

It was the first time he had taken a great opportunity and turned it into a triumph, but we knew it would not be the last. Yes, look at how far the gentleman has come. Besides being an inspiration to all the young and upcoming entrepreneurs out there, you’re definitely one in a million tycoon that we would love to give special recognition to, Tan Sri.

Source & Image Credit: IBR Asia Group & Westports Malaysia