Are you a tea lover who can barely get through a single day without getting generous helpings of tasty, aromatic and soothing tea?

Tea, without a doubt has the power to soothe and restore person, making them feel revived and refreshed. Thus, why it has been around for thousands of years and is still being consumed by many on a daily basis.

Here are 3 reasons on why gulping tons of tea is good for your health!

It helps you to fight diseases and keeps you strong!

Drinking tea could help to reduce the risk of heart attack and battle cancer. It even helps to reduce the effects of smoking, lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome and Parkinson’s disease.

It helps with weight loss and keeps you attractive!

The antioxidants available in tea keep you acne free, slow down aging and help your cells regenerate and repair. Besides hydrating the body and reducing stress hormone levels in the body, drinking tea on a daily basis also increases metabolism and helps you to lose weight.

It helps give you a pleasant smile!

How many of you know that drinking tea helps maintain oral hygiene? Yes, drinking tea helps prevent bad breath, as well reduce plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Lastly, did you know different kinds of tea help cure certain ailments? Check out these teas and tisanes you should consider trying next:

Source: Musely and Huffpost
Image credit: Pinterest, Flickr, Agni and Uzuma