A Kuala Lumpur-based Indian teenager has been chosen as the World Youth ambassador of the Noah's Ark Foundation - an organization dedicated to preserve every species in the world and help combat climate change.

This after Jarvis Talwar, 13, wrote to the South African-based foundation last month, expressing intention to donate half of his yearly pocket money to the cause of saving animals, reported The Star.

"I'm extremely thrilled and happy. With this selection, I can make a positive impact towards the welfare of animals.

"I can navigate in a new environment and platform where I can motivate, request and convince people of different generations to step forward and save the environment," the teenager reportedly told the daily in an e-mail interview.

The Noah's Ark Foundation is a £5bil (RM29bil) a non-profit project to build a 21st-century ark to preserve every species in the world and help combat climate change, near the Mozambique border. The construction of the ambitious conservation projected started last year.

Jarvis, who was born in Uttarakhand, India, is currently a Grade 10 student at the Global Indian International School in Brickfields.

He said he had no qualms about parting with his savings because he knew the money would be spent on a noble cause.

Jarvis, who speaks four languages – English, Hindi, French and Punjabi, has been involved in charity work since young, including distributing food to underprivileged communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Noah’s Ark Foundation co-founder Richard Prinsloo-Curson said Jarvis was chosen for his genuine passion and concern for the planet.

An impressive achievement indeed Jarvis. If all teenagers were as environmentally savvy as him, the world of tomorrow will be a better place to live in.

Source & Photo source: The Star