Thousands of litres of milk are often wasted after being poured on idols at Hindu temples, the world over, especially during religious celebrations like Thaipusam.

But what if the milk that goes down the drain, quite literally, can be put to good use?

The Gangadhareshwara Shiva temple in Bengaluru, India, has started an initiative to turn the litres of milk that usually went to waste, after a worship session, into buttermilk (moru) that can be offered to devotees, and non-devotees alike.

The head of the temple, Eshwarananda Swamy told Bangalore Mirror that the idea came to him after prolonged research.

"I was doing research for a long time as to how best we can serve devotees. I have also read that as milk is a very important product, it is better not to waste it," he was quoted.

"We do perform abhisheka, but take adequate care that other items used in abhisheka such as vermillion or turmeric don’t get mixed so that the milk doesn’t get spoilt.

"Then, we follow a hygienic process wherein the milk can get fermented so that it turns into buttermilk. As it takes a day, we usually serve buttermilk on Tuesdays," Eshwarananda added.

The temple goes the extra mile on cutting down wastage by not using plastic while making or serving the buttermilk.

Since the temple started serving buttermilk from the milk offering, more devotees have reportedly started offering milk to the temple.

A brilliant idea indeed, especially when Thaipusam is just around the corner.

Perhaps Malaysian temples can take a cue from this and implement similar measures to give back to devotees, and reduce wastage at the same time.

Source: Bangalore Mirror,
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