In a recent interview, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Thaadi Balaji had a lot of say about the events happening in the Bigg Boss 3 villa. He sees this season as an opportunity to analyse from the perspective of the audience.

"Even after the first week of the show, all the contestants haven't revealed their true colours. They are acting," Balaji claimed.

According to him, in the previous season, the storm in the Bigg Boss villa only began after 2 weeks. This time, it took barely 3 days before the contestants were down each others' throats.

"They are fighting in front of Kamal sir during his first week's appearance. Kamal sir has a certain respect and he's much older. They could have at least waited until his session finished before they start fighting," he expressed.

Talking about the strategy of some of the contestants, here's what Balaji revealed:

Mohan Vaithya

"Mohan Vaidya seems to be craving for love and care. However, it amazes me that when a boy calls him father, this man refuses to address it. He wants to be called 'uncle'. How is he going to get the love he craves if he behaves like this?"


"The second day in the villa, she started loving Kavin! How can you love someone on the second day? What did you understand about him in 2 days?"


"He's like a check-post in Pondicherry. While he's eyeing the BMW car (Losliya), he doesn't mind letting through any other cars that come by, even if it's an old one."


"Sandy's biggest strength is his dancing skills and comedy. Wherever he is, there's fun. The place becomes lively!"


"I'm her fan since day 1. She never gets involved in any of the issues in the villa. I call her the butterfly of Bigg Boss. She's always happy and very lively. I love that she spoke about her father."


"The world knows he's a director. He doesn't have the need to prove himself in the villa. He has been a captain for many films. Cheran means respect. There's a respect for his work, experience, and age. I think he's behaving normally."


"While what Vanitha asked Madhumitha is justified, She thinks she's the owner of the house. She hasn't realised there's something called elimination. The moment someone becomes captain, something gets to their head, like in the case of Vanitha."

"She's the biggest humiliation for Bigg Boss! She scolded her own father in the second day itself. It's her ego," he exclaimed.


"Sherin is a heroine. If she maintains the mentality, she can't survive. She needs to become a normal person in the villa."


"He's a sentimental person. He has suffered a lot in life. Saravanan means 'paasam' (love)."

Fathima Babu

"Fathima Babu is like a ladies hostel warden. She can't say anything. Whatever she says, people around her might get angry. She's being diplomatic. I pity her!"

Finally, Balaji explained that it has been only 2 weeks and anything can happen in the coming weeks. Even Losliya can start getting angry at a certain point.

"Everyone has a trigger point. If someone triggers it, it will make them angry!" he said.

Watch his full interview here:

Photo Credit: Galatta, Bigg Boss Tamil, WikiBio, NewsBugz, Biography Adda, Times of India & IB Times