Every year, Murugan devotees begin their preparations for Thaipusam over a month before the actual day. Usually, this includes a vegetarian diet, mostly to prepare the body and mind to fulfill their vows by carrying the milk pot or the 'kavadi'.

The milk pot procession is an offering of milk to Lord Murugan that is carried over the shoulder from a specific place to the Murugan temple. Kavadi-bearing is a form of penance by the devotees to fulfill their vows or show their love and devotion to Lord Murugan.

Both acts of devotion are extremely difficult and might be taxing on the body. To complete their vows, the devotees are required to be focused and strong, both physically and mentally.

Even if the devotees are fasting or observing a vegetarian diet, drinking milk in the weeks leading up to Thaipusam is beneficial in many ways. It’s not only to fill the stomach but to also nourish the body with the necessary nutrients.

Many are unaware that even with full meals daily we lack essential nutrients. There may be light physical symptoms, which we usually disregard. It could lead to increased nutrient deficiency if devotees fast during Thaipusam, subsequently causing more health problems. Worry not though. Milk is a great addition to your daily diet as it supplements your body with the lacking nutrients, such as calcium.

Although it is possible to get calcium from plant-based foods, it's not realistic to consume huge amounts of vegetables to fulfill your daily calcium intake required. So what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of milk and start your journey to complete nourishment today!

Photo Credit: Pixabay, FoodNDTV