If there’s anything we can learn from the last two years, it’s that we shouldn’t take things for granted. We sometimes don’t realise that it’s the small things around us that mean the most. There’s joy in every drop of living life, as well as in being grateful and connected to our loved ones.

Like many other celebrations this year, Deepavali feels different this time too. After a long time of being away from family and friends, we can finally celebrate with our loved ones in person again.


How we celebrate Deepavali has changed over time though…

Technology and modern lifestyle have changed the way we celebrate the festival. What used to be a very community-driven celebration with open houses for the taman, Deepavali bazaars and shopping carnivals, and exchange of greeting cards are slowly fading away.

Credit: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

Today, we see more people shopping online for their festive clothes, smaller open houses generally reserved for close family and friends (especially for those living in high rise buildings), and greeting cards have been replaced with WhatsApp images and stickers. Even Deepavali ‘ang pows’ are now transferred digitally.

… but the value of Deepavali stays the same

As we progress with time, one might say that Deepavali too, has evolved, but at the core of it, the values on why we celebrate Deepavali still remains.

Credit: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

Things like being together as a family, having oil baths early in the morning, getting blessing at the temple, lighting up lamps (be it electric lamps) around the house, and the hospitality to the community are things that would never change.

We recently stumbled upon the story of Raju to the Rescue, which beautifully encapsulates the values of Deepavali

Credit: Air Selangor

Meet little Raju. Deepavali is coming up and there are lots of chores to do… but Raju isn’t interested in helping his mum at all. However, things changed when he received a surprise visit from his idol and a very famous man. Here’s a hint:


Watch the full video by Air Selangor:

The story moved us. It’s a good reminder of how we shouldn’t take things for granted, and that there’s more to the Festival of Lights than meets the eye.

Have a fulfilling Deepavali!