Thalapathy Vijay recently graced the stage at a student honoring ceremony, where his interactions with the students and the advice he imparted left a lasting impression.

Addressing a large gathering, Vijay emphasized the importance of forming independent opinions and being cautious of misleading information online. "Students should develop a diverse view of their political environment and not be misled by propaganda on social media," he advised. He also highlighted the rising issue of drug abuse among youngsters and urged vigilance against substance misuse.

Vijay was seated next to Chinnadurai, a survivor of a caste-based attack in 2023, who scored 469 out of 600 marks in this year's Class 12 exams. A photograph of the two together gained significant attention online. Additionally, several heartwarming moments were captured where students requested Vijay to strike various poses for photos.

In one notable instance, a girl asked Vijay to honour her parents with a shawl, which he immediately did on stage. Before heading for a quick lunch, Vijay sought permission from the guests, saying, "Did you all eat? Give me 5 minutes. I'll be back after having a quick lunch." Photos and videos of these moments are currently trending on social media.

During the event, Vijay also distributed prizes to top performers in Class 10 and Class 12, reinforcing his commitment to education. He encouraged students to adopt an analytical mindset when evaluating political events, cautioning them about the deceptive nature of social media. "Social media has become a platform for dubious operators to show good people in a bad light and portray evil forces as do-gooders. This puts impressionable people, particularly youngsters, at risk of propaganda," he warned.

Well, his recent speech has once again amazed yet been circulating on social media platforms.

Source : IndiaGlitz, Trend Talks