Thevissha Naidu d/o Vignesvaran is a name to remember in the world of wonder kids and prodigies – showcasing extraordinary talent and intellect.

At just 4 years and 6 months old, she has already etched her name in history by achieving a remarkable feat – naming the most world leaders in just 3.46 minutes, earning her recognition in five prestigious world record organizations:

- Amazing Malaysia Book of Records
- British World Record
- Asian World Record
- Champion World Record
- Official World Council Record

Thevissha's outstanding accomplishments were recently celebrated with great honour as she was presented with awards by the respected Youth & Sports Minister, Madam YB Hannah Yeoh, in person at her office on April 25, 2024.

Check out the post below:

Notably, Thevissha's extraordinary memory skills have garnered further accolades, including her entry into the Malaysia Book of Records for being the "Fastest to name all Asian Countries by a Pre-schooler" in an astonishing 38.11 seconds.

While most children her age are engrossed in nursery rhymes, Thevissha shows an exceptional ability to recognize and recall a myriad of information. From naming the solar planets to reciting the states of Malaysia and even the days of the week in multiple languages, her talents are truly awe-inspiring.

Behind Thevissha's remarkable achievements is a testament to the supportive environment fostered by her parents, who encourage her to explore and excel in areas she is passionate about. Their exemplary parenting serves as an inspiration to the rest of us, emphasizing the importance of nurturing children's talents and allowing them to pursue their interests.

One can only imagine what great feats this little cutie pie is capable of, and she proved that everybody is born with a talent and that talent cannot be known unless they discover it by trying things out.

Source / Image Credit : Shama Vicky