Goddess Kalikambal is one of the forms of Goddess Kamakshi. Kalikambal is the prominent goddess who bestows us courage and health and by offering pooja on this day will help to attain courage, and health and to attain success.

Kalikambal temple that can be found around Klang Valley:

Sri Kaligambal Samedha Kamadeswarar Temple, USJ Heights (Ebor Estate)

The Kalikambal Temple indeed has a rich history and is dedicated to Shri Annai Kalikambal and Lord Kamateswarar. It holds significance as Sri Aadhi Shankaracharya is believed to have installed the Arthameru there. Many sages and celestial gods are said to have worshipped Sri Kalikambal.

During the reign of Chatrapathi Sivaji, people sought protection by worshiping Kalikambal when they feared his capture of Chennai.

Throughout history, many Sages like Sri Vyasar, Sri Parasar, Varunan, and Celestial Gods Indhran, Guberan, and Viswakarma worshipped Sri Kalikambal, attributing various miracles and divine interventions to her grace. Her popularity and significance have spread over time, making her a cherished deity in Hindu mythology. It is said that Sri Guberan got all his wealth only after worshipping Sri Kalikambal.

During the beginning days, originally Kalikambal was said to be located in a small village near the seashore, and in due course of time approx 164o AD is said to have relocated to the current site. She was one of the main deities for the families who resided in that village. Fishing was the main job of the people at that time.

She was worshipped by them every morning before starting to work, by doing senduram (an orange colour powder) abhisheka and this senthuram was distributed to everyone. Due to this only she was called by the Chenniamman and the village Chenniamman Kuppam which later it was known as Chennai...It is to be believed till today that the temple was built in 1678 by bringing the stones, needed to construct the temple from Thiruvanamalai.

When the British people constructed the George Fort here in 1640, this temple also came under this Fort town (also known as Kottai ) thereby where she also got her name as Kottaiamman. It is also believed that a fierce Swaroop form of Goddess was worshipped here earlier, where this form was replaced with Shanta Swaroopa, a form of Goddess Kamakshi as soon as she was relocated here.

The temple was first managed by Muthumari Acharya. From Day one onwards she is said to be a very famous deity and flocks of people would come to worship her.

Let's delve into the story ...

One of the most prominent people in our history Chatrapathi Sivaji who was a great Maratha ruler and a fierce warrior camped across Kanchipuram to capture places nearby Chennai under his custody. Some of the places that were captured by him near Chennai were Vellore,Chenji,Arcot, etc. After these places, Chennai was expected to be captured by him and people were in fear not knowing what to do next...During that time Sir Streynsham Master (28 October 1640 – 28 April 1724) was acting as an agent of Madras and he decided to give Shivaji whatever he intended to escape from this weird situation.

Shivaji used this as an opportunity and started demanding valuables such as precious gems and medicines that could cure incurable diseases at that time...He provided with all these and Shivaji extended this opportunity to demand the English Scholars of the Chennai Presidency…

This was rejected by Sir Streynsham Master and when this came to the notice of Shivaji he was very furious and thought of capturing Chennai. In this panic situation, people started to worship Kalikambal Devi to save them and fortunately, due to some changes in the governance, he had to move to his kingdom. This has brought a firm faith in the hearts of devotees on her.

Source: FondyFamily, Temples of India