The quote, “A good teacher is like a candle that consumes itself while lighting the way for others,” aptly describes our beloved teachers who recently shone at the 53rd Teachers Day celebration.

Among the distinguished recipients was Sharran Loganadzan from SJK (T) Pasir Gudang, honoured with a prestigious award. With that being said, recently he and his team dominated the National Level Malay Debate Competition with their outstanding performance at Bahas Guru Piala KPPM 2024!

An energetic and dedicated young activist, Sharran also received the Gold Award at the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in 2019 for his commitment to youth empowerment. He is also known as an accomplished debater, having earned titles such as Best Debater for ‘Debat Piala Perpaduan Negara 2020’ and Champion for Debat Zeros (Unisza), as well as serving as an organizing committee member for several debate competitions.

Dr. Khasturi Ramalingam from SJK (T) Masai received the Anugerah Khas Pendidikan Sukarelawan during the event. A recipient of the UTM Chancellor's Award, Dr. Khasturi is a passionate educator and a true role model in the field of education. Adding on to her remarkable achievements, she also won first place in the thesis writing competition, the 3 Minute Thesis (3MT), at Research Carnival Week 2021 (RCW 2021) held at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UMT).

Anantarajoo from SJK (T) Ringlet was awarded the Anugerah IKON Guru STEM, recognizing his exceptional contributions to STEM education.

Congratulations to all the teachers who received these esteemed awards!

Source / Image Credit : Drrocket, Magudam Soodu