With only five weeks remaining in the current season, the situation in the Bigg Boss house has intensified which cause the tensions, verbal clashes, and a surge in discussions regarding potential eliminations. The spotlight currently shines on contestant Vishnu Vijay, a well-known serial actor, and a fan favourite renowned for his vibrant personality.

Vishnu's journey in the Bigg Boss house took an interesting turn when he assumed the role of captain last week. During the weekend episode, host Kamal Haasan addressed Vishnu's captaincy, offering candid commentary and doses of guidance. The actor, known for his animated presence, faced criticism from fellow housemates for his approach as captain, leading to a visible sense of disappointment on Vishnu's part.

This week, Vishnu, along with Cool Suresh, was tasked with procuring groceries for the house. However, a seemingly trivial incident in the supermarket, where Vishnu forgot to pick up sugar, resulted in a warning from Bigg Boss.

In response, Vishnu acknowledged the oversight and committed to rectifying it promptly. However, the recent promo has sparked intense speculation among viewers. Vishnu is seen expressing his intention to quit the show, citing a desire to take responsibility for any mistakes made during his tenure in the house. This revelation raises questions about the factors contributing to Vishnu's decision, with fans speculating on whether recent criticism from Kamal Haasan and housemates played a role.

The prospect of Vishnu's departure has ignited discussions among Bigg Boss enthusiasts. While some express concerns about the potential decline in the house's dynamics without Vishnu, others contemplate the impact of his departure on ongoing conflicts and the overall appeal of the show.

As we await the unfolding of events in the upcoming episode, the Bigg Boss fan community remains engaged, expressing diverse opinions on Vishnu's potential exit.

Source / Image Credit : IndiaGlitz