Heading to the exotic India soon?

If yes, make sure your trip is both safe and stress-free by getting yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations of Indian Customs Gold Duty.

Yes, as the regulations may change over time - this article will be relevant yet sufficient enough to ease your understanding of the rules & regulations, and procedures of Indian Customs Gold Duty.

There are two ways how you can carry gold to India:
How much gold can a passenger carry from Malaysia To India without paying customs duty?

Indian passenger who has stayed abroad for at least a year or more are allowed to bring jewellery free of duty in his/her bonafide baggage up to an aggregate weight of:
Rules and Regulations for those who are carrying gold to India as a duty-free allowance…
Having said that, for those who stayed abroad for more than a year - the discounted duty payable is 13.75%. If the passenger hasn't stayed abroad for six months, perhaps a duty of 38.5% on gold will be payable.

Export Certificate is required if a passenger buys jewellery from India

If you're planning to buy jewellery from India and are about to return to your homeland, it’s exempt from duty.
When can you find the cert?
Declare Your Jewellery:

In the customs declaration form, a traveler should declare all gold jewellery he / she is wearing or carrying. Also, if a passenger is carrying more than the duty-free gold jewellery allowance, they should consider declaring the jewellery items on arrival in India with the customs authorities and get the items endorsed on their passports.

To further reduce harassment, Indian customs has proposed that a traveler be charged 10% of the duty, which he / she can reclaim on his/her return. Indian customs will depute a jewellery appraiser to assess the value of gold jewelry. For those who carry a lot of gold / jewellery and deliberately fail to declare the items on arrival, their gold/jewelry items can be confiscated and they can face fines and prosecution under the customs laws of India. NRIs / US Citizens should also keep in mind that when they take jewelry to India from countries like the USA and Canada, they may be questioned by customs officials on their return.

PS: Don't forget to read through the rules and regulations to ensure that you don't get stuck in any extra charges. Be bold enough to fight for your rights and privileges, and it’ll be a great help if you have a legal advisor to make things happen smoothly. Every traveler to India deserves respect and to be treated fairly.

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