In conjunction with Malaysia’s National Day, listeners can tune in to OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik, the Original Malaysian Taste, presented by Astro Radio and Etika. For the first time, OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik will gather 17 radio stations in 4 languages – Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil – to create the most original Malaysian radio experience from 6am, 30 August till 12am, 31 August 2023, on-air and on the SYOK app.

OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik received an award by Malaysia Book of Records for Most Radio Stations To Broadcast The Same Feed Simultaneously, presented to Astro Radio and Etika.

On OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik, listeners can enjoy specially curated playlists of their favourite Malaysian songs, stand a chance to win cash prizes and enjoy exciting multi-lingual discussions that showcases Malaysian authenticity and uniqueness.

During this event, listeners can enjoy a unique broadcast representing the multilingual and multicultural diversity of original Malaysian culture, just like Wonda Kopi Tarik, the Original Malaysian Taste. Listeners can also enjoy photo and video updates of OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik on social media pages of all radio brands and catch more than 60 of their favourite announcers donned in a mix of traditional attire. In addition, listeners stand a chance to take home a share of RM30,000 in cash via contests on the SYOK app during this period. To participate, follow these simple steps:

Etika’s Vice President of Marketing, Amy Gan said, “For us at Wonda, there is nothing that says Malaysian Originality more than our multicultural, multiracial and multilingual heritage. Which is why in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations, we are proud to work with Astro Radio to bring you OR1 FM with Wonda Original Kopi Tarik, a first of its kind programme simultaneously broadcasted for a day, across 17 radio stations covering 4 languages. We have put together an exciting mix of content that isn’t just entertaining, but highlights and celebrates our Malaysian Originality as well with prizes to be won!”

Amy added, “This is our way of showing appreciation and saying thank you for making us the nation’s most loved Kopi Tarik in a can.”

Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio and Director, Astro Media Solutions, said, “Music transcends all races and languages; reflecting the rich multi cultures of Malaysia. Through the strategic partnership of Astro Radio-Etika, Malaysians radio listeners are united this Hari Kebangsaan on OR1 FM with Wonda Original Kopi Tarik across 17 of our stations and 4 languages, sharing unique conversations and music.

This is the first time we have attempted something so bold and game changing; and we have received many accolades and positive feedback from all stakeholders for this unique mix of entertainment which contains memorable experiences for our 16.3 million weekly listeners on what it means to be truly Malaysian.”

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