Could you believe this young lass from Malaysia is now an award-winning presenter?

Yes, Alina Pannirselvam from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) bags the prestigious award for her presentation on Sabah's Maliau Basin Conservation Area. Her participation in the Second International Unesco Model on World Heritage and her presentation on the heritage of Maliau Basin and the challenges faced by the community there is truly commendable.

It takes a lot of research, preparation, and skill to deliver a presentation on such a complex topic, and it's clear that Alina has excelled in these areas. Winning the best speaker award at the conference is a testament to her excellent communication skills and deep knowledge of the subject.

Absolutely, it is truly incredible!

It's wonderful to hear that Alina feels a special moment of pride for representing her school and making them proud. It's essential to acknowledge the support of teachers, lecturers, and parents who have undoubtedly played a significant role in her success.

Alina taking this moment to express her gratitude towards the pillars of her achivements:

" Grateful for the unwavering support and sponsorship from SG Academy and Dr Prushotaman, without whom this journey would not be possible."

Asking about how she felt when the moment he r name was announced as a winner:

"It felt great to be honest. Its the first time i travelled all alone for almost 24 hours across the world for a Model, and it felt all worth it. I really need to say thank you as well for my parents, my lecturers from the Faculty of Maritime Studies and my course Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation Studies, my Student Affairs Department and International Center of UMT for funding my trip and of course my sponsors in aiding my trip as well. I think i made them all very proud with this award," said the 21-year-old young lass.

There’s no denying that her credentials are jaw-dropping. The former pupil of SJK (T) St Philomena in Ipoh was also happy to have made her school proud. It is always encouraging to witness young speakers excel in their respective fields and gain recognition on an international stage. Alina's achievement serves as an inspiration to other young generations and underscores the valuable contributions made by the academic community.

Once again, congratulations to Alina Pannirselvam on her remarkable achievement. Her dedication and hard work are truly inspiring.