A young lad from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) namely Nehemiah Aaron Nathan has been honoured with the Diana Award 2023, recently. The virtual award presentation ceremony took place on July 1, coinciding with the 62nd anniversary of Princess Diana's birth. Nehemiah, a Tunku scholar studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering, was one of the two Malaysians among 200 youths worldwide who were honored for their social action or humanitarian efforts.

According to UNITEN's statement, Nehemiah was nominated for the award by his university lecturer and club advisor, Dr. Evelyn Yeap Ewe Lin. Having said that, the Diana Award, established in memory of Princess Diana, is given to young people between the ages of 9 to 25 who have gone above and beyond to create and sustain positive change through social actions or humanitarian work.

UNITEN highlighted that Nehemiah was chosen to receive the award due to his involvement in developing the 'Zing! English Card Game' along with his friends Syaarveni, Ho Jia, Lee Mei Yan, and Chan Yew Joe. This game-based learning approach was designed to help children stay engaged in learning English.

They co-founded "The EduLab," a social enterprise aimed at improving English proficiency among Malaysian students, particularly in the B40 community. The impact of their card game has been significant, benefiting over 850 children from 15 government primary schools and tuition centers in the Klang Valley area with improvements in their English literacy.

Nehemiah's humility, honour, and gratitude for being recognized as a worthy recipient of the Diana Award are truly commendable.

As one of the two Malaysians selected for this prestigious award, he feels privileged to represent the nation. Nehemiah emphasizes the significance of the Diana Award, as it independently acknowledges one's ability to drive genuine change.

“We frequently hear that we can work towards an award, but the Diana Award is different since it is an independent acknowledgment of one’s capacity to drive genuine change,” he said, adding that the initiative has also garnered recognition from esteemed organisations like McKinsey & Co. and the United States Department of State, and the impact is growing steadily.

Congratulations Nehemiah Aaron Nathan on earning the highly prestigious Diana Award 2023!

Source: Bernama, Nehemiah Aaron Nathan Facebook Page