Malaysia is a potpourri of different races and religions. With such unique make-up, it is not surprising that we have our slang in different languages that only Malaysians can understand.

Below are some of the most commonly used slangs that we use on a frequent basis:

Aiseh: Used to show that you are unimpressed/show disappointment at a missed chance

Example of use: 'Aiseh, I missed the lucky draw in office la!'

Alamak: Denotes horror at certain situation

E.g: 'Alamak, I forgot to off the TV when we came out of the house just now!'

Anne: Big bro. Often used to call waiters at the mamak joint, even when they are visibly younger than the person who's calling.

E.g: 'Anne, rojak me tapau satu'

Best (often followed by giler): Used to show appreciation at something that is REALLY good

E.g: 'Waah, the movie best giler weeeiii!'

Boss: We use this to refer to anyone we need a favour from, be it your superior at office, or the waiter at the restaurant you need cutleries/tissues from

E.g: 'Boss, teh tarik kurang manis satu!'

Bungkus: This term is not/hardly used to express its literal meaning - to pack something. Instead, it is used to the wrapping up of a business/sports team, among others.

E.g: 'Eh, you heard ah, Harimau Malaya kena bungkus with Laos last night.'

Cable: Again, this is not to refer to literal cables or wires. Instead, it refers to having connections at high places.

E.g: 'He got the job because he got cable'

Cabut: This does not refer to unplugging something. It is used when someone is taking off from somewhere.

E.g: 'Wei let's cabut before anyone sees us'

Cincai: Uttered to express that anything goes

E.g: When asked what's for dinner, one would answer 'Cincai lah'

Eksyen: This has nothing to do with someone performing stunts. The term is used instead to refer someone who is showing off.

E.g: 'You jangan eksyen sangat can or not?'

Fuiyoh: Used to express utter astonishment

E.g: 'Fuiyoh, the movie was d*** nice wei!'

Gila babi: Neither related to a crazy person nor a pig, this slang is used to say something was super nice.

E.g: 'Mee mamak at the stall best gila babi wei, jom!'

Gostan: Believed derived from the Nautical English term 'Go Astern', this literally means 'go backwards' or go in reverse.

E.g: 'I think we missed the junction. Please gostan'

Jom: Means let's go

E.g: 'Hungry la. Jom makan'

Kantoi: Caught red-handed

E.g: 'He kantoi smuggling phone in his school bag'

Kautim: Settled

E.g: When asked whether he has completed his revision, John answered 'Kautim already.'

Kencing: This rude gesture does not literally refer to pee. Instead, it is used to refer to fooling someone

E.g: 'Eh, you don't try to kencing me ah!'

Kot: One of the shortest term in the slang dictionary, this term means maybe.

E.g: 'Are you going to Melanie's birthday party tomorrow?

Koyak: Utter failure

E.g: 'His business venture koyak la.'

Lalang: Being fickle minded

E.g: 'Be careful of what you say to him. He's a lalang'

Macha: Bro/Dude. This term is often used by men when talking to their friends, across racial and religious barriers.

Masyukk:A lot of money.

E.g: 'I heard Joe's got a new contract? Masyukk' lah'.

More Malaysian slangs that we use on a daily basis, that only us Malaysians can understand

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