It's great news for the upcoming generation, as they now have an opportunity to enhance their skills and education.

With that being said, the revamped Rakan Muda initiative touted to be a brainchild of the government, stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the country's youth.

Carved out with the vision of fostering a better future, this initiative serves as a cohesive force, uniting young individuals across the nation. Its inception is rooted in the belief that empowering the youth can pave the way for a more prosperous and harmonious society.

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So, what is the Rakan Muda initiative all about?

Initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Rakan Muda programme stands at the forefront of a triad of novel initiatives aimed at uniting the diverse spectrum of Malaysia's youth. This visionary programme has been carefully curated to dissolve barriers, particularly within the realms of education, and cultivate a strong bond between the youth and government agencies.

Recently re-launched under the patronage of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on June 25, the programme is set to unfold a plethora of enriching activities. Among these are specialized programmes designed to impart vital life skills, including the art of basic household repairs, ensuring that Malaysian youth are equipped for the challenges of modern life. In this exploration, we delve into the core of this dynamic initiative and its potential to empower the youth while fostering a sense of unity and national identity.

The implementation of the rejuvenated Rakan Muda initiative emphasises three pivotal focuses.

First and foremost, it seeks to bolster the Rakan Muda brand by revitalising TEN key lifestyles, showcasing the potential of the youth through the interpretation of their interests and positive inclinations. The second focus centres on fostering a synergistic approach by collaborating with diverse strategic partners and implementation groups.

Having said that this strategic collaboration paves the way for programs rooted in 'Fun, Vibrant, and Meaningful' experiences, offering ample opportunities for the youth to actively engage and participate in a variety of organised initiatives.

Speaking about age eligibility, the Rakan Muda initiative invites participants from a wide spectrum of ages, spanning from 15 to 30 years old, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life. Notably, the initiative has evolved from being primarily school-centric to a more inclusive approach, where participation is now optional and extends beyond the school setting. Each district and state administers its distinct set of programs and activities, thereby providing a flexible and varied platform for engagement.

In parallel, the Sekolah Rukun Negara Programme is one of the initiatives under Rakan Demokrasi which been classified under one of the lifestyles under Rakan Muda. The aim is to instil these principles as an integral part of student's attitudes and behaviour, fostering a sense of national identity and patriotism, thus contributing to a stronger and more united nation.

Along with that, the Rukun Negara School Program, managed by i-LEAD under the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), aims to instill values of integrity, nationhood, and unity among the youth.

By fostering an appreciation for the Rukun Negara principles and the Federal Constitution, the program strives to enhance understanding of Malaysia's democratic system. Adding on, the utmost pivotal objective is also raising awareness about the Constitutional Monarchy Parliamentary Democracy system and cultivating a sense of patriotism, identity, and national unity.

Furthermore, it promotes the Malaysia Madani concept based on a deep understanding of Rukun Negara and the Federal Constitution's principles.

With that, let’s encourage all the youths to engage in the Rakan Muda programme by registering through the Youth and Sports Ministry portal at

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