Have you ever been curious or encountered any spectacular and unique dance movements that combine Indian classical dance and Hip Hop genres as well?

For choreographer and dancer Usha Jey - it’s possible to use elements of the traditional technique and blend them with the hip-hop style. The results are mind-blowing as the trio was seen grooving to the song Uproar by Lil Wayne.

Watch the incredible performance below:

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The trio comprising - Jey, Mithuja, and Janusha (Tamil-Sri Lankan Bharatanatyam dancers from Switzerland) shift personalities with every step as they dance to American rapper Lil Wayne’s 2018 hit, Uproar. “I call it hybrid Bharatanatyam. It is my way of switching between hip-hop and Bharatanatyam, two dance forms that I love, learn, and respect,” says Jey, in her statement.

There’s something different and quite extravagant about ‘Hybrid Bharat’.

By contrasting Bharatanatyam with hip-hop music, you can see how fruitful it is. It seamlessly blends and if anything, makes one appreciate the dance style more.

Since Jey aspired to blend two dance worlds, she formed Hybrid Bharatanatyam. According to Lifestyle Asia, she had always made headway in her Tamil heritage, and she aimed to maintain an equilibrium between Tamil and Western culture. With that, she would like others to see her culture via hybrid Bharatanatyam.

Source: Her Zindangi.Com