Vaikasi Visakam - the day dedicated to Lord Murugan. This auspicious day marks the birth anniversary of Murugan and is celebrated with much fanfare each year and this year it’ll be celebrated on June 2, 2023.

Date and Tithi of Importance for Vaikasi Visakam 2023

Visakam Nakshathram Begins: 06:53 on 02 June 2023

Visakam Nakshathram concludes at 06:16 on 3 June 2023.


According to the legend, after the death of his beloved wife Sati, Lord Shiva went into deep meditation, consumed by grief. During this time, three powerful demons named Tarakasura, Surapadman, and Singamuhan wreaked havoc on Earth and heaven, causing immense suffering to the gods and humans alike. It was prophesied that these demons could only be killed by Lord Shiva's offspring.

Concerned about the ongoing chaos, Lord Brahma (the creator) and Lord Vishnu (the preserver) approached Lord Shiva seeking a solution. Lord Shiva, still absorbed in meditation, emitted six sparks of fire from his third eye in response to their plea. The divine sparks carried the immense heat and energy of Lord Shiva's cosmic power.

Gods Vayu (the deity of air) and Agni (the deity of fire) transported these sparks to the sacred Ganges River. The flowing waters of the Ganges carried the sparks to Lake Saravanai, which was filled with lotus flowers. There, the sparks transformed into six divine infants.

These infants were discovered and nurtured by the six Krittika maidens, who were the wives of the seven sages known as the Sapta Rishis. These maidens were also associated with the Pleiades, a prominent star cluster in the night sky. The Krittika maidens cared for the infants as their own, and eventually, the goddess Parvati (consort of Lord Shiva) embraced the six infants, merging them into a single being with six faces and twelve arms.

This merged form came to be known as Shanmuga, which means "the one with six faces." Lord Shanmuga, or Lord Muruga, was endowed with immense power and wisdom. He took upon himself the task of defeating the three demons and restoring peace and harmony to the universe. Each of his six faces represents a specific aspect or attribute, such as creation, protection, destruction, involution, generosity, and knowledge.

The Krittika maidens, who played a crucial role in raising the infants, were transformed into stars and became a constellation in the night sky. This constellation is known as Krittika Nakshatra or the Pleiades. Lord Kartikeya is often referred to as the son of Krittika due to the association between his birth and the Krittika maidens.

The story of Lord Muruga's birth holds deep symbolism and conveys profound spiritual teachings. It illustrates the triumph of good over evil, the divine interplay of cosmic forces, and the power of maternal love and nurturing. Lord Muruga is revered as a deity of valor, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment in Hindu mythology.


The festival of Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated in the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May-June) and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is believed to commemorate the day when Lord Murugan appeared on Earth to annihilate the demon Soorapadam. During this festival, devotees engage in elaborate rituals, processions, and temple celebrations to honor Lord Murugan.

Let’s have a look at the six different faces of Lord Muruga denoting six different attributes.

First Face: Emits glorious rays of light to remove the darkness that encapsulates the world.

Second Face: Showers gracious blessings with benevolence upon his devotees.

Third Face: Maintains tradition by watching Brahmins and other priests performing rituals and protecting Sanathana Dharma

Fourth Face: It is the mystical knowledge and wisdom which governs the world

Fifth Face: The amulet, which protects people from negativity

Sixth Face: Shows love and kindness towards all his devotees

Rituals To Be Performed On Vaikasi Visakam

Devotees often participate in various activities during Vaikasi Visakam, such as fasting, reciting sacred hymns, offering prayers, and taking part in processions carrying deities on chariots. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion in temples dedicated to Lord Murugan, particularly in South India, where he is widely revered.

Speaking about the rituals, on this day - the statues of Lord Muruga or photographs are cleansed and decorated with flowers. Some devotees also fast to please Lord Murugan. During the period of fasting, devotees also recall how Lord Murugan vanquished the three entities Tarakasura, Surapadman, and Singamuhan. It is considered an essential component of fasting rituals.

If you venerate Lord Muruga with a purified heart, your marriage problems may be resolved. In addition, you may attain the affluence and prosperity necessary to appreciate life’s finest moments. Your supplication may atone for your past offenses. Lord Murugan may assist you in eliminating the negative effects of the planet Mars.

On this occasion, devotees prepare delectable offerings and place them before Lord Murugan. In addition, six red Oleander or six Nagalinga flowers are presented to Lord Murugan. Some individuals also devote their time to assisting the impoverished or those in need.
Benefits of Celebrating Vaikasi Visakam

Lord Muruga showers his grace on all his devotees actively celebrating Vaikasi Visakam.
Source / Image Credit: DNA India , News18 Tamil