So it's the time of the year again - Valentine's Day; when restaurants are overbooked, roses cost as much as gold, and chocolates are snapped off the shelf as soon as they are stocked up.

But you've been busy with work and other commitments that you have forgotten to make any plans for the day. Here are some ideas of simple, cheap, yet impressive plans you can make on the fly, so that you can still remember and cherish the celebration:

1) Find and go to a drive-in concert/movie

Bring your own snacks that you will not be ripped up by unsrupulous traders looking to make quick bucks.

2) Screen your favourite romantic movie at home

All you need is a projector to enjoy two hours of peace, quiet and privacy

3) Go roller skating/ice skating

Face it, you may end up more times on the floor after falling, but think about all the chance for you to hold hands with your partner!

4) Have a karaoke night at home

If you can't sing to save your life, it's better to skip this option if you are trying to get someone to fall in love with you.

5) Rise up early and go hiking

If you are hiking/climbing buff, invite your partner/suitor to go hiking to witness the sun rise. The magical experience is bound to ignite some fire in your hearts.

6) Take a virtual cooking class

Why do you need to pay RM50 for a fancy bowl of pasta when you can make your own for no cost at all? You still get to eat dinner, and learn cooking at the same time!

7) Put together care packages for the needy

How many of us think of the poor/needy/homeless, the moment we fork out RM300 or more for a dinner for two on this day? This Valentine's Day, try something new by assembling bags containing essential items for the poor or the homeless. Seeing your partner doing charitable deeds may make you fall in love with him/her, all over again.

8) Star gaze

Instead of spending a bomb at overcrowded restaurants, you could grab your favourite take-out food and head out to your nearest scenic location to gaze at the stars.

9) Book a 'staycation' at a hotel

Failed to book a vacation to spend the day? Just book a fancy hotel (if you can afford it) and just spend the night together being with each other, away from the mundaneness of home.

10) Recreate your first date

This may be the best option yet. You and your partner may have the best memories tied to your first date. Just head to the place and jog your memories through your declaration of love, and if you can't travel, recreate the scene at home!

Bonus : Create a vision board

Not all dates have to cost money. The both of you could stay home and work on creating a vision board to share your future dreams, and goals as a couple.

Photo source: pexels