A name that needs no introduction in the world of hosting, Vikadakavi Magen has made his mark across various shows, programs, theatrical performances, and as a crooner. Now, he has ventured into a new role as a Raaga announcer for the ‘Kalakkal Kaalai’ segment, a significant leap for someone who worked as a mechanical engineer for 10 years before debuting as a part-time host of Astro’s reality dance competition ‘Aattam 100 Vagai’ in 2004.

Endowed with immense talent, a gift for words, and an innate ability to connect with his audience, Magen has honed his craft to perfection. Born and raised in Johor, he comes from a humble background, with parents who placed great importance on education. He diligently pursued his studies, completing his diploma and degree in mechanical engineering, and even a master’s in the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA).

Fulfilling his long-time dream of becoming a radio announcer, Magen now hosts alongside his co-host Uthaya. He finds the sessions in Kalakkal Kaalai particularly engaging and close to his heart, including daily discussion topics shared with listeners; Google Google, an informative session where listeners can ask questions; and the entertaining ‘Raja-va Rani-ah’ face-off between the announcers. In this segment, one announcer sides with 'man' while the other takes the 'woman' side, and the one who collects the lowest marks is punished at the end of each month.

Speaking about the challenges he faces as an announcer, Magen identifies language as his primary challenge due to his straightforward speaking style influenced by his background as a rapper, where his lyrics are direct and hard-hitting. Additionally, waking up at 4 a.m. and mastering the technical task of paneling at the radio station are hurdles he is working to overcome.

Since stepping into the announcer role, Magen has received overwhelming praise and blessings from fans, which he considers significant achievements. He acknowledges that being a radio announcer is not simple; it requires good interpersonal skills, communication skills, knowledge, humility, and approachability, regardless of popularity.

Reflecting on his journey from listening to HITZ.Fm in his early 20s to now being a radio announcer, Magen admits it was not a smooth path. He advises young people to live life happily, emphasizing that the key to happiness is making others happy. "Life is all about finding joy within ourselves," he says.