Malaysia's first Tamil pet series, and a cooking show with a difference are new HD contents that await Tamil viewers in November, on Vinmeen HD (CH 231).

For dog lovers, "Ramarajan" premieres on Monday, Nov 2, and new episodes are aired every Monday to Friday, at 9pm, on Vinmeen HD, and is also available for streaming on Astro GO and on demand.

The romantic comedy series features talented local artists Tokoh Sathiya, Thivyah Naidu, Geethanjali G, Vicran Elanggoven, and Kuben Mahadevan, among others, and not forgetting the headliner - Foxxy, a fluffy Golden Retriver. The series is directed by local filmmaker Kabilan Plondran of "Jhangri" fame and produced by Nanthini Ganesan.

The story revolves around the exploits of Mr Ramarajan (Sathya), and his two daughters Supraja and Purvashini, who tries to reunite his family to fulfull his late wife's final wish. However, Ramarajan, too dies soon after and his soul gets trapped inside the body of the family's pet dog, and unexpected events ensue.

Speaking to the media at a virtual briefing session today, Kabilan related the challenges faced in working with an animal.

According to him, it took him and his team at least a week to study the dog's behaviour, and a lot of coaching from the animal's owner, and a dog trainer, to get the shoot going smoothly.

However, there were also good times, such as when Foxxy instinctively jumped into the water to pull Vicran out of the water, during a scene shoot, even before "action" was called.

Cooking show enthusiasts can also feast on "Samayal Singgari", a one-of-a-kind cooking show that will showcase a wide variety of delectable local recipes prepared by local chef Shanti Raj, along with the host Vicky Rao.

Popular local celebrities, such as Denes Kumar, Magen Vikadakavi, Sheezay, Pashini Sivakumar, Yasmin Nadiah, and Kuben Mahadevan, among others, will also appear in the show, which will have a storyline incorporated within it.

The show, which will also build awareness on eating healthy, and share lifestyle tips and ideas for workouts in the kitchen, premieres on Sunday, November 15. Subsequent episodes will air every Sunday at 9pm, and also be available for streaming anytime on Astro Go and on demand.

Also present during the virtual media briefing session were cast and crew of "Yaar Avan", which has been entertaining viewers throughout October.

The 21-episode series is directed by Perakas Rajaram of ‘Vennira Iravuggal’ fame, and stars talented local cast Surrya Prakash, Moon Nila, Irfan Zaini, Krithigah, Kuben Mahadevan, M. S. Karthik, Latha, Anantha Rajaram, Govind Singh, Puvanan and Yawanes.

"Yaar Avan" tells of Amar (played by Surrya Prakash), who is in a relationship with Maaya (played by Moon Nila) and is also good friends with Tanuja (played by Krithigah). Separately, Sanjay (played by Irfan Zaini) is interested in Maaya. One day, Amar is found dead and the post-mortem report reveals that he died from a drug overdose.

His friends are dissatisfied with the results of the report and reach out to Jithan (played by Kuben Mahadevan), a medium who communicates with the dead. He possesses the spirit of another body in an attempt to discover the truth about Amar.

The series premiered on Oct 1 on Astro Vinmeen HD, and is also available for streaming at Astro GO and on demand.