A recent viral video circulating online features a Cine Dance group showcasing their talents with a lively performance to the popular Malaysian TikTok Hari Raya song, 'Alamak Raya Lagi'. The dance routine has captured the hearts of Malaysians, who praised the initiative and harmony displayed by the team.

Netizens expressed admiration for the dance steps, with one commenting, 'This is how we should live in this country. Harmony in every setting. We should be proud to be born in Malaysia.'

You girls are absolute stars for owning those dance steps!

Watch the full video below:

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Mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, and simply magical - these are just a few words to describe the harmonial dance video that's been taking over our feeds. But, what makes it even more special is the fact that our fellow Malaysians have joined forces to shower this talented team with well-deserved praises. From the perfectly synchronized movements to the impeccable coordination, it's clear that this is more than just a dance!

Meanwhile, the catchy Hari Raya song 'Alamak Raya Lagi!' by local trio De Fam has gained international attention after a Japanese dance group, Avantgardey, performed to it. The video, shared by @nona_avantgardey on Instagram along with @oya_avantgardey and @macchan_avantgardey, caught the attention of one of the song's original vocalists, @azirashafinaz.

The cross-cultural appeal of the song and dance underscores the universal joy of celebrating festivities and sharing cultural expressions beyond borders.

Source / Image Credit: Cine Dance Instagram