Vizhuthugal- Samugathin Kural is a talk show that has been entertaining Astro viewers with thirst for current issues.

Here's a chat with moderators of the talk show, as they give their take on the program.

Please tell us about your experience as a moderator.

Selvamalar Selvaraju: Exciting! This is my first time being a moderator on this kind of show and mixing with people from all walks of life. At the beginning, I thought it would be easy, but it was totally, different especially, when it came to a live show! The first thing I had to manage is not the script, nor the panelists, or the crew and make-up, but the cameras! They are my best friends in the show. If you know how to manage them, half the battle is won. I'm learning every day, here. I am glad I can be part of the Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural’s team and contribute to the society as ‘Selvamalar’.

Elanjelian Venugopal: It is a new experience for me as I was previously involved in policy making and implementation, and fieldwork. Useful information should be told in an attention-grabbing way and I’m learning it.

Yiswaree Palansamy: It has been a really good ride to date. Although I have been in the media industry for 13 years now, I have not been a television presenter, and that too, in a very impactful Tamil media platform such as Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural. The impact television, and most importantly, Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural has on people is certainly huge and therefore, I have a heavy responsibility to ensure the facts and arguments presented are accurate and creates an impact on our community.

The topic plannings and discussions are a huge part of this show, which also relies on my journalistic experience. This makes me appreciate my role as a moderator even more, knowing that I can create an impact through this show.

Ilanttamil Maruthai: I've done a lot of shows before and I've been to live shows, but this is my first time moderating a live show, which makes it more exciting. Technology-oriented approaches give me a new experience. I am able to understand the importance of mastery no matter how knowledgeable we are.

Can you share your most memorable moments in this show?

Selvamalar Selvaraju: I have so many. The one that I will not forget is when I memorized the whole introduction script for my third or fourth show (can’t remember exactly), but it was probably about ‘water’. Then, I went totally blank when it came to mentioning both the panelists’ names, and ended up mentioning the wrong names. Oops… I was so embarrassed. And I thank the invention of earpieces which saved me. There are people to look after my appearance! That’s kind of cool. I have a stylist, make-up artist etc. Guess what? Some of my friends tune in to the show just to check out what am I wearing or how I look like. Thanks to Yogash and Thivya, the people behind the scene who work hard to ensure I look beautiful and presentable on the show (from the earrings to shoes that I’m wearing).

Elanjelian Venugopal: All new. Thus, every moment is a memorable one.

Yiswaree Palansamy: Every episode is a memorable one for me, as I have very capable and talented co-moderator colleagues. It is always a new experience for me with them with every passing show, as we learn from each other and grow together as better moderators.

Ilanttamil Maruthai: Every show is a new experience as we interview new people, which add more value to the new experience. The people who work there have built a great network. I can see how the network that has been built is benefiting them and the show.

What are some of your hopes for this show?

Selvamalar Selvaraju: Be as bold as we can. Aim to be the No 1 Tamil talk show in Malaysia. Inspire and empower all Malaysian Indians to tune in to Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural, live talk show on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH 201), every Monday-Friday, 9pm (at least three days a week). We also attempt to solve some of the problems or issues that involves our community, no matter how tough it is. We are preparing to feature ‘untouchable’ topics as I feel that our society needs to come out of the "cocoon"!

Elanjelian Venugopal: The local Indian community, which are not as politically and economically advanced, has to adapt news strategies and approaches to sustain and elevate themselves. I hope the Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural show would be the platform for that evolutionary change.

Yiswaree Palansamy: I hope more people will tune in to watch the shows and also share their thoughts and ideas with us. The show is after all, called Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural, for a reason. We hear you and want to keep hearing from you. This is your platform too. Of course, I hope the show would continue running, as we would definitely be bringing our viewers impactful topics regularly. There are very few talk show programmes such as Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural which aims to get our community to talk and think. So, the continuous support from our viewers would be a great asset to keep us going, for them.

Ilanttamil Maruthai: Everyone should strive to ensure the show’s quality. Thus, advices and help from different levels are required. The Tamil-speaking public should give importance to intellectual news and I believe they will. The community needs to be liberated from entertainment-based subjects and should move on to another level. Everyone should realize the need of knowing local and global current affairs in their native language. Speaking in the mother-tongue is literally as important as speaking to the mother.

Catch Vizhuthugal: Samugathin Kural every Monday to Friday, live at 9pm on TV and Astro GO, with an encore at 9.30am the following morning, and stream selected segments anytime on demand.