Video sharing platform TikTok is an entertaining place that keeps you glued with an endless stream of content.

Sometimes, the app can make mindlessly scroll for hours - killing your productivity, and spoiling your eyesight at the same time.

Knowing this very well, the app now has a feature that enables you to limit how long you spend on the platform. Here's how you set the Screen Time Management function on TikTok:Once the settings have been turned up, TikTok will interrupt your scrolling should you reach your time limit, by sending you a prompt to enter your four-digit passcode.

Consider it like a splash of cold water to the face when you are staring emptily into space.

This restrictionary measure is not set in stone, however. If you decide that you don't want an app telling you when to stop, somewhere in the future, you can always navigate to the Screen Time Management option and turning it off. However, you need to remember your passcode to get through this, as you could get locked out of your account otherwise.

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