What is women’s day without attempting some unique activities?

We at Astro Ulagam have decided to partner with Physiotherapist Kumutha Ravindran and execute a plan by calling out two men to try out the menstrual cramp simulator (TENS) to take the stigma out of trying the pain that women have been going through during their menstrual cycle.

With that, the hero and villain from MANMADHA BULLETS Reloaded (SEASON 2) - Thevaguru & Mitchell who have never experienced anything even remotely related to menstrual agony decided to step up to test their threshold for pain using TENS. And it went about exactly how you’d predict it would.

THIS video has it all!

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As you can see from Mitchell and Thevaguru’s facial expressions, both gentlemen were seen wincing in pain, men on their knees after being buckled over in pain, grimaces, wide-eyed shock, and yes…even some tears.

The quote 'women come built with pain, men have to go and search it out' has never rang more true. Happy International Women's Day.