‘Akshaya’ means ‘inexhaustible’ in Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring a lot of luck and prosperity! Hence, the day is considered auspicious for marriages, starting a new venture or buying gold.

You might think that buying gold is the only important practice on this day but there are much more auspicious things that can be done.

Upon research, Astro Ulagam found what you should do on The Auspicious Akshaya Tritiya.

1) Donation

Donating to people doubles the prosperity on this day! For an example, Udakumbha Daanam means donating water in a bronze or silver vessel along with camphor, saffron, tulsi leaves and betel nut (paku). It is considered the most important offering for those who want to get married, get rid of past life sins and those who want to have children.

2) Impress Lord Parshurama

The day marks the birth of Lord Parshurama, sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is stated in the Puranic scriptures that Parshurama reclaimed land from the sea. You can chant ‘Hare-Krishna’ mantra 108 times to impress the lord.

3) Recitation Of Bhagavad-Gita

The incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sage Veda Vyasa depicted the Hindu epic Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that reciting the 700-verse Hindu scripture of Bhagavad Gita which is part of Mahabharata helps to get rid of past sins.

4) Buying Gold

On this day, Lord Krishna gave the Akshaya Patra to Draupadi as well as to his friend Sudama. So, buying gold on this day brings more wealth in the future.

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