Musician Sai Abhyankkar, who made a sensational entry into the Indie music scene with the hit track "Katchi Sera," has delivered on his promise and released another viral song.

While we’ve been enjoying this latest track, many have wondered how it would sound in an English version.

Popular social media content creators Eric and Manisha Heinrichs, known as ‘EricandMani,’ have gave us back with this curiosity by re-creating Sai Abhyankkar’s trending song "Aasa Kooda" in English. Their rendition has captivated listeners, keeping everyone grooving to the fresh, English lyrics.

Check out their impressive video below:

@ericandmani Wait for it ??? #aasakooda #tamil #remix #english #ericandmani #srilanka ♬ original sound - Eric & Mani

Their ability to seamlessly translate and perform the song in English is truly remarkable, leaving us thoroughly impressed and eager for more.

Source / Image Credit : ericaandmani