As Malaysians eagerly applied to redeem the RM100 eMadani eWallet credit, some faced rejection despite meeting eligibility criteria. For those encountering such setbacks, understanding the appeal process is crucial.

Here's a professional guide on how to appeal if your application was rejected:

eMadani RM100 eWallet Credit Eligibility:

1. Malaysian citizen
2. 21 years old or older in 2023
3. Sumbangan Tunai Ramah recipient or earning RM100,000 or less per year (as of specified dates)
4. Haven't received RM200 eWallet credit under eBeliaRahmah
5. Completed e-KYC verification with the chosen eWallet

Let's have a look at the common reasons for eMadani rejection:

- Incorrectly entered details (e.g., name, IC)
- Failure to meet citizen, age, and income requirements
- No LHDN tax filing records found for 2022

Steps to file a dispute if you fulfil eMadani criteria:

Touch 'n Go eWallet

- Submit a dispute by selecting "eMADANI" and "Claim Rejected" in the support request.
- Provide detailed information about the rejection and attach relevant screenshots.

Maybank MAE

- Refer to the eMadani FAQ on Maybank's platform for dispute procedures.
- Contact the respective eWallet service provider for assistance.


- Contact Shopee customer service, specifying "eMadani Claimants" and "eMadani Unable to Claim."
- Fill in personal details and attach supporting screenshots.


- Email [email protected] to submit a dispute if using Setel for the RM100 eWallet credit.
- Provide additional information for verification if the rejection was due to invalid identification.

Additional Resources:

- Utilize Maybank Group Customer Care (1300-88-6688 or [email protected]) for disputes related to Maybank.

Navigating through eMADANI application challenges requires a strategic approach. By following these steps, individuals can address rejections and seek assistance from the respective eWallet providers, ensuring a smoother process for credit redemption.

Source / Image Credit: WargaBiz, MalayMail, AstroAwani, SoyaCincau, YouTube Che Ya