Years ago, oil bath on Saturdays was a family occasion. Mothers and grandmothers make every member of the family (sometimes forcibly) covered in dripping oil followed by a vigorous massage.

​What makes oil baths on Saturdays so special and how can you begin the practice in your family? Learn all the answers here:

The oil bath is a simple home remedy derived from Ayurveda to cool the body by removing excess heat. Where does the heat come from? Our poor lifestyle habits! Work stress, lack of sleep, consuming unhealthy foods and alcohol and smoking cigarettes are creating damage to our bodies every day. Oil bath is a great way to combat the damage.

Quick Guide to Take Oil Baths on Saturdays

Best Oil: Castor Oil
Best Time: Early Morning
Additional Bath Goodies: Shikakai Powder & Boondi Kottai Powder

1. Castor oil gives the most desired results. Make sure to get good quality oil. Pour it on your scalp and start massaging. First timers, only leave the oil on your hair for 5 minutes. Every week, increase the time by five minutes for a maximum of 2 hours. Don't exceed this time.

2. Now, it's time to massage the oil on your body parts. Be generous and don't miss the joints and spine for 5 - 10 minutes.

3. Once done, take a hot shower and continue massage your scalp and body to allow the heat from your body to release. This step will take around 5 - 15 minutes.

4. At this point, you can start applying 'shikakai' powder onto your hair and 'boondi kottai' powder for your body to remove the oil. Castor oil can be very sticky and difficult to come off. If you can't find the powders, use a regular shampoo and body wash multiple times.

5. Take shower again but in warm water this time. This is the end of the oil bath. Allow your body and mind to rest after that. Avoid strong sunlight, swimming and drinking cold water.

Important Note:

- Please take oil bath only once a week. Apart from Saturday, men are usually advised to take oil baths on Monday or Wednesday, while women on Tuesday or Friday.
- It's strongly advised for women to avoid oil baths during their menstruation.
- Those who are unable to find castor oil can choose almond oil for the bath.
- Don't exceed the given time limit for the oil bath session. Too much of anything can go disastrously wrong.

Source: Mysorephiladelphia
Photo Credit: Sarahho92, Reader's Digest & IndiaMART