Remember the monkey scene from 'Arunachalam', one of Superstar Rajinikanth's blockbuster hits from the 1990s? A monkey grabs his 'Rudraksha' chain and leads him to discover the evil plans of the villain Raghuvaran. You might have noticed that Rudraksha Mala (prayer beads) is also a common ornament for Indian sages and saints.

What is 'Rudraksha'?

Many of us are still unaware that Rudraksha is actually a seed from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree that grows in a specific region of the Himalayas. Rudraksha is believed to be sacred and is often linked to many spiritual and medicinal benefits.

The term Rudraksha is coined from the words 'rudra' (Shiva) and 'aksha' (eyes). Indian yogi and mystic Sadhguru shares an ancient tale that brought the powerful Rudraksha to mankind. "It's not a fact, but is the truth," he claims.

A long time ago, Lord Shiva was in a deep meditative state for many millennia and His tears of ecstasy dropped on Earth and became rudraksha. The seeds are believed to have a unique vibration, unlike anything in the world.

Rudraksha trees are found all around the world, in Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, China and parts of Malaysia to name a few. However, those found in Nepal and Indonesia are considered the best quality.

Types of Rudraksha

Apart from the quality, a Rudraksha is also categorised based on the number of faces (Mukhi) it has. There are various types, from the highly valued one-faced Ek Mukhi to 21-faced Rudraksha. Each type has a different power and purpose. Simply buying a Rudraksha without prior advice or guidance will cause great turmoil in one's life.

The one-faced or Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is thought to be very powerful. Those who wear it will be led to a path of a 'sannyasin' (a person who renunciates worldly pleasures and materials), leaving their families behind. Wearing one without proper consultation could disrupt marital or family life.

Five-faced Rudraksha or Panchmukhi is safe and can be worn by anyone above the age of 12. While for children below the age of 12, a six-faced Rudraksha is recommended by Sadhguru.

What are the Benefits?

One of the fundamental reasons Rudraksha is seen as a tool to accelerate spiritual growth is because of its purifying capabilities. What does it purify? Rudraksha is capable of purifying our aura, a field of light or energy found surrounding a human or object. According to Sadhguru, one's aura can range from 'pitch black to pure white' and a wide spectrum of colours in between.

Rudraksha not only cleanses the aura but also makes a cocoon around us, preventing negative auras from affecting us. Which is why, during ancient times, sages and people who travelled frequently chose to wear it to keep themselves safe from negative vibrations.

Traditional doctors believe these beads can lower blood pressure and induce calmness to anyone who wears them. Astrologers claim Rudraksha can attract material wealth and prosperity, bring positive changes in career and relationships, and even spiritually balance one's life to some extent.

The supposed benefits of Rudraksha is never-ending. However, it's important that a genuine and suitable Rudraksha is worn under the guidance of someone who knows about them.

If you would like to know more about Rudraksha and its benefits, let us know. We will write more articles on how different types of Rudraksha helps us physically and spiritually.

Source: Isha Sadhguru, Rudraksha Ratna, Astro Bix & Semantic Scholar
Photo Credit: East Coast Daily, Devshoppe, Pinterest, Peterandclo & Youtube , Shivaloka