Would you feel strange if someone asks you to open your mouth and look at your tongue? The truth is your tongue can tell a lot about your health!

Here are some facts on how your tongue says a lot about your health conditions:

1. White Patches: Overgrowth of candida which is yeast or thrust.

2. Black and Hairy-Looking: Cancer therapies, diabetes, yeast infection and poor oral hygiene.

3. Red and White Spots: Taste buds have worn down.

4. Redness: A deficiency in folic acid, B12 or iron. It can also be due to fever or strep throat.

5. Webbed or stripped look: Chronic condition known as oral lichen planus. It occurs when immune system attacks the cells.

6. Ridges: Common as it is caused by teeth that presses the tongue while you sleep.

7. Bumps: Herpes and canker sores.

Resource: upmc.com
Picture credit: facialexpre.net and novavitamedspa