Since the dawn of the digital age, the ways people interact with one other in a romantic relationship have changed dramatically. Communication technologies or channels like smartphones and social media, originally designed to connect people, are increasingly seen as barriers to nurturing relationships.

In a 2019 study, over 51% of Americans who are married, living together, or in a committed relationship admitted that their partner is often or sometimes distracted by the phone while they are communicating with them.

Humans are more connected than ever, but relationships are not thriving. Despite the rise of social media and digital interaction like texting or video calling, trust, emotional connection, and offline presence are severely lacking.

If you believe it is not too late to repair the damage in your relationship, the first step is to unplug from technology and go back to basics. Recreate the magic with the charm of handwritten letters! So, how do you write love letters in 2022?

Let's get started with a few pointers:

Choose a unique paper: While scribbling on a sticky note may seem like an easy way to express yourself, picking a special paper (maybe in your partner's favorite color or theme) can show how much they matter to you and how sincere your effort is.

Write your letter by hand: Even if you don't like your handwriting, nothing says "effort and affection" like penning a love letter on your own. But, make sure it's readable.

Start with their special nickname: Don't begin with 'Dear' or 'My Love.' Tailor the greeting to them, and address them with their nickname. You can even start with a phrase or inside joke only you two share.

Explain the reason: What is the purpose of your letter? Is it your partner's birthday, and you want to express your gratitude for their support, or is it an apology for canceling your dinner date? Write it as genuinely as possible.

Language is not important, but grammar is: As long as your partner can understand it, it doesn't matter what language you write the letter. But make sure to check your grammar, since it might be a turn off for some people. Make sure to use simple words to sincerely express how you feel. Some have even gone so far as to use coding languages to stand out and show their dedication.

Own who you are: Don't second-guess yourself; just be yourself. They could be surprised if this is your first time writing a letter. This is a lovely gesture, and you want to express your love and appreciation with a handwritten letter.

Writing a love letter is admittedly one of the most romantic gestures. It's a simple gesture, but it conveys just how important your relationship is to you. Wishing you the best of luck!

Photo Credit: Book Riot & Financial Samurai