Everyone knows that a Hindu temple is incomplete without a bell. Devotees who are visiting the temple will usually ring the bell before heading towards the main sanctum.

Most of us would have wondered about the importance of keeping a bell and ringing it during a pooja. Astro Ulagam conducted some research to find out some interesting reasons behind the usage of temple bells.

Attracts the attention of devotees

The bell is rung to inform the devotees that it is the time for the morning or evening pooja. It is a great indication for passer-by to offer a prayer to the Lord.

Ward off evil

According to the ancient scriptures, it is believed that the sounds made by the temple bells keep evil forces away.

Heals your inner chakra

The temple bell is created using a combination of metals which includes zinc, copper, bronze, cadmium and several types of alloy.

When the bell is rung, the sound creates a harmony between the right and left lobes of the brain for about 7 seconds. This is good enough to touch your seven healing centres or chakras; creating a calming effect while increasing your power of concentration to focus on the Lord.

Temple bells produce an auspicious sound

Bells are rung during the morning and evening prayer in every Hindu temples. The bell sounds are believed to create positive energy.

A well designed bell is able to produce the sound of the OM. OM is the universal name of the Lord and is believed to be the basic sound of the universe.

Picture Credit: Quora, DailyHunt and HabitsForWellBeing