The separation of newly married couples during the month of Aadi is a traditional practice followed in certain regions of South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. Aadi is considered an inauspicious month, and various customs and rituals are observed during this time.

One of the reasons cited for the separation of newly married couples during Aadi is related to pregnancy and childbirth. It is believed that if a woman conceives during this month, her due date will fall during the hot summer months of March, April, or May. These months are known for their high temperatures in South India, and it is believed that extreme heat can adversely affect both the mother and the child.

In the past, when modern amenities like air conditioning were not available, it was challenging to cope with the intense heat during childbirth and take care of a newborn in such conditions. Separating newly married couples during Aadi was seen as a precautionary measure to avoid potential difficulties.

Having said that, it's important to note that this practice may not be universally followed today, especially in urban areas with better access to modern comforts. Many couples choose not to observe this tradition, considering the availability of air conditioning and other means to manage the heat. The decision to follow this custom or not ultimately depends on personal beliefs, family traditions, and individual circumstances.

Source:Ancient Hinduism -Tumblr