A decades' old trick that pits men against women is going viral on social media, and the fairer sex are winning hands down.

If you are active on Facebook or other social media channels, chances are you would have come across the TikTock Chair Challenge, involving both males and females, a chair and a wall.

Here's how the challenge works: Stand by a wall with a chair. Take two steps behind from the wall (with one foot behind another) and stop with both feet together.

Lean forward and place your head at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Now, pull the chair under you and lift it up to your chest and try to stand up.

Sounds simple enough a feat for a macho man to accomplish? Think again, because womenfolk are winning this challenge fair and square, while their male counterparts fail miserably, as the videos can attest to.

The science behind the trick

Although many reasons - from the centre of gravity to the length of male and female's arms have been given to justify the stunt results, the simple scientific explanation behind it is the feet size of both men and women.

According to Professor Brian Ford of Cambridge University, men have larger feet, thus, two steps back for them is about 60cm from the wall (starting point), whereas for women, it's more like 50cm.

"The man's larger feet mean he is farther away from the wall than the woman, and is thus leaning forward. The woman's legs are closer to the wall, and are thus leaning back," The Sun quoted him saying.

This, he added, gives women the advantage as men struggle to lift themselves from the precarious position.

Despite the general failure of menfolk, a select few men are reportedly able to successfully complete this trick.

Despite its recent popularity, the Chair Challenge is believed to date back decades, with YouTube vides of people attempting the challenge being available as far back as 2012.

In fact, the stunt was even aired in an episode of the US TV series All in the Family, which aired way back on Feb 9, 1971!

So, have you attempted the Chair Challenge? If so, how did you fair at it?

Source: hitc.com, mothership.sg
Photo source: knowyourmeme.com
Video source: WKYC Channel 3