RAAGA fans can stand a chance to win a share of RM15,000 in cash by participating in an on-air contest ‘RAAGAvil Siri Siri Siri’ featuring comedy snippets for the first time, happening now until 29 March.

Listeners need to tune in to RAAGA on-air or via the SYOK app and be the first caller through via 03-95430993 upon hearing the cue-to-call in order to participate in the contest.

The participant will listen to a comedy snippet played by the announcer. Subsequently, the announcer will ask a question about the comedy snippet that the participant just heard.

The participant who gets the answer correct within ten seconds will win RM200 in cash. However, if the answer provided is incorrect, the prize money will snowball to the following segment.

Visit the RAAGA website for more information.