Earn money while you're playing this ultimate guessing the song name!

RAAGA fans can stand to win up to RM1000 in cash prizes with ‘RAAGAvil Neenggalum Vellalaam Oraayiram 2.0’ on-air contest from now until 17 March 2023.

• To participate, fans need to tune in to RAAGA on-air or via the SYOK app and upon hearing the cue-to-call, be the first caller through via 03-95430993.

• Participants will go through three rounds in total. For the first round, a song snippet with a background noise will be played and participants will need to correctly guess the title of the song within 5 seconds.

• Upon guessing the first answer correctly, participants have a choice to proceed to the subsequent round. Participants who guess the first answer correctly and opt to not proceed to the second round will take home RM100 in cash.

• Participants who proceed to the second round will be played a song snippet that has been reversed. Participants will need to correctly guess the title of the song within 10 seconds. If the given answer is correct, and participants choose not to proceed to the final round will take home RM300 in cash.

• In the final round, participants will be played a mixed snippet of two songs and have to guess the titles of the two songs correctly. Participants who guess the answer correctly will win RM1000 in cash.

For more information, visit RAAGA website