Join us as Astro Ulagam presents 'Yaar Antha Kanna' - an intriguing quest to unveil the enigmatic mystery man across the nation. Sounds interesting right?

Contestants will need to decode thrilling clues provided to locate Kanna for a chance to win the daily cash prize. Wondering on how the contest will take place, check out the mechanism below:

1. The Organiser will announce up to four (4) clues on each day of the Contest Period (“Day”) on any of the following platforms:

a. Astro Ulagam’s official social media account on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook (“Astro Ulagam Social Media”)

b. Astro Raaga radio station (“Astro Raaga”)

c. Saravedi Night talk show (referred to individually as “Clue”, collectively as “Clues”)

Having said that, the contest shall be held daily within the duration as mentioned below:

Week 1 : 30th October 2023 – 3rd November 2023

Week 2 : 6th November 2023 – 10th November 2023

Contestants need to locate and identify the Kanna at the Location within thirty (30) minutes after the announcement of the 1st Clue/2nd Clue/3rd Clue/4th Clue (as applicable) on each Day during the Contest Period.

What awaits the winners?

The amount of each Prize will be announced by the Organiser together with the 1st Clue at the start of each Day of the Contest. If a Bonus Round is activated for the Day, the amount of the Bonus Prize will be RM1,000.00.

'Yaar Antha Kanna' is presented by Madanika’s Boutique.

Read the Basic Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice and Standard Terms of the contest. Terms and conditions apply.