Your favourite radio station RAAGA recently held the RAAGA Idol singing competition, which was aced by Yuwanesh Muniandy, followed by Shaktieswar Shanmugavelayutham, and Amos Paul Murugesh who placed second and third, respectively.

The winners received the opportunity to record their debut songs with popular local music directors Sundrra, Jay, and Boy Radge, respectively.

Here, the share their journey through music and their exciting experience participating in RAAGA Idol.

Question: Could you share with us about your inspiration in music and your experience in participating in the contest?

Yuwanesh: I’ve been singing since I was 19, and I received opportunities to sing right since I was in high school, until I was in college. Listening to my favourite 80s and 90s numbers, and cover songs, inspired me to become a singer. Suraj Sandhosh from the Masala Coffee Band and Sid Sriram are my idols.

Shaktieswar: My journey in music has been riddled with many failures, which have built my conviction to become a better singer. None of the experience was in vain, as each one has taught me a different lesson. I believe it is these lessons that have led to become one of the winners of RAAGA Idol. As someone who has dreamt of becoming a playback singer, I look forward to working on various projects locally, and hopefully, be an international playback singer one day, to make the country and the local music scene proud.

Amos: Singing cover songs were my stepping stone and that’s where my journey as a singer started. While I did encounter obstacles, I never gave up and kept hustling for my success.

Question: Share with us your experience of participating in RAAGA Idol and being given the chance to record your debut song.

Yuwanesh: Having been a stage singer since 2016, I have had vast experience performing in various events. That experience has allowed me to identify my weakness, which was my pronunciation when singing a song. As such, I made it a point to focus more on this aspect when participating in the RAAGA Idol's finals. I look forward to giving my best for my debut song.

Shaktieswar: RAAGA Idol has given me a room for improvement and a channel to connect with my community and lovely supporters. I have also managed to identify my strength, weaknesses, and opportunities in the Malaysian music industry. Recording a debut song has been always my dream and now it’s like a dream came true! I’m grateful and proud of my achievement and I am excited to record my debut song with popular local music director, Jay. I am eager to give my best for my debut song.

Amos: RAAGA Idol thought me to break out of my stage fear. I also learned the importance of accurate pronunciation while singing and maintaining stage presence.

Question: What are your thoughts on the opportunities given by RAAGA in nurturing local young talents in the local Indian music industry?

Yuwanesh: It has been very meaningful, especially during this pandemic to me, and all young talents out there to showcase our talents. Thank you, RAAGA.

Shaktieswar: I would like to thank RAAGA for nurturing young talents and creating a platform for us to showcase our talents and skills. RAAGA's continuous efforts to showcase local talents by placing them in the spotlight is something to be proud of.

Amos: Huge thank you to RAAGA. There are many aspiring local singers and these kinds of opportunities enable them to showcase their talents and also gain exposure in the local music industry, while giving them recognition.

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