While most of us hesitate to obtain a certificate while juggling our busy "working adult" lives, a woman in Penang has secured not one, but 40 professional certifications in the last five years.

Even more impressive is the fact that Priscilla Prasena, 37, did this while balancing between motherhood and being a social activist at the same time, reported Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

For her achievement, Priscilla has secured a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for the "most number of professional certification by an individual," said the report.

"Degrees alone don't work, but professional certifications carry more weight, as employers hunt for certain skills.

"The certifications have allowed me to be a subject matter expert in various disciplines; it allows a bird's eye view in operations and decision making," FMT quoted the mother of one as saying.

Priscilla is currently a part-time trainer, and a social activist. Her previous stints include management roles in a German multinational company, and a journalist with FMT.

Among the certifications she has obtained are in the field of data science, Lean Six Sigma, project managament, Internet of Things, as well as a degree in corporate communications and an MBA (Master's degree in Business Administration).

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposed to contain it did not deter Priscilla from upskilling herself, as she completed almost 10 courses online during the period.

As to what drove her to take up so many certifications, Priscilla told the portal it was out of "pure curiosity" for how things work.

Such upskilling do not come cheap, as Priscilla estimating to have spent close to RM100,000 to obtain the 40 certification thus far.

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing a big challenge on the global economic situation, as well as the labour market, Priscilla thinks that it is especially critical for people to consider upskilling themselves at this juncture.

"It is in challenging times like this that one has to add value to their skill set and knowledge. When we embrace change and learn new skills, there's no limit to how much you can grow," she said.

Source: FMT
Photo source: FMT, social media